We’ve noticed all types of obscure supercars with Typical Motors LS V8 engines in excess of the a long time, but the new Giocattolo Marcella will take factors to a new amount – combining two 7.0L LS7 V8 engines collectively to make a enormous 14L W16 motor excellent for approximately 1,400 horsepower.

Lots of North American viewers probably have not listened to of Giocattolo, but our pals down in Australia and New Zealand may possibly be acquainted with this rather notorious company. Giocattolo was launched in the mid-1980s by Australian entrepreneur Paul Halstead. According to CarAdvice.com.au, Halstead created a fortune in the laptop or computer enterprise in the 1980s prior to he “blew it” building the Giocattolo Group B – a modified Alfa Romeo Sprint with bespoke suspension and a mid-mounted V8 motor. Just fifteen Giacattolo Group B cars ended up made before the organization went tummy up, forcing Halstead to sell his household house to stay away from likely bankrupt.

Halstead advised his then-wife Marcella that he would bounce back again from the hardship and one particular working day have plenty of money to generate a new supercar that he’d identify following her. Halstead went on to discovered a key recruitment business and now, at age 74, is prepared to when again re-enter the hard environment of small-quantity supercar producing with this wild roofless two-seater that he refers to as a “Hyperod.” The heart of the Giocattolo Marcella is the 14L W16 powerplant, which was made by sticking two LS7 V8s 250mm apart at a 45-diploma angle. Whilst this arrangement may possibly seem to be a bit absurd (specially offered the reality that it displaces a ridiculous 14L) this arrangement lets the Marcella to conveniently develop 1,400 horsepower with comprehensive emissions compliance.

Producing all this attainable is a tailor made billet alloy bridge that runs in between the two engines, which was made engineered by Albins, along with a personalized Albins transfer case and six-velocity sequential gearbox. The suspension was designed and engineered by ex-McLaren engineer Barry Lock.

Halstead phone calls the LS7 driven Marcella a “Hyperod” owing to its exterior styling, which can take inspiration from classic American autos as effectively as contemporary supercars and hypercars. The rear conclude, for instance, features two extraordinary tailfins that have been inspired by a 1959 Cadillac.


Halstead hopes to present the finished Giacattolo Marcella at the Pebble Seashore Concours d’Elegance in July 2022. Right until then, he’ll be fast paced seeking to make this formidable plan for a custom made supercar a reality.

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